Sonos Play | Compact Bluetooth Speakers With Crystal Clear Sound

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With Sonos Play, you can listen to your favorite music in any room of your home while enjoying the ultimate HiFi sound. Probably the best thing about them is that they are super easy to set up and allow you to expand your home sound system to other rooms over time. There are three different types, Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5, each unique in their own way.

What all the speakers have in common is the fact you can access all your music using just one app. This means you can control what you listen from your phone, tablet or computer. Also, they all feature a compact and elegant design that can be perfectly incorporated into any living space.

White Sonos Play 1 Next To A Bed

Play 1

Let’s start with the smallest one, Play 1. It comes with two custom-designed drivers and Class-D amplifiers. This provides the pure sound and clean high-frequencies. Thanks to mid-woofer, this speaker also delivers a deep, rich bass. There are controls for bass, treble, balance, and loudness so you can adjust your music just the way you like it. Other cool features include simple wireless connectivity, pre-loaded Internet radio stations and the fact it’s humid resistant.

Black wireless speaker on a shelf

Play 3

Play 3 is suitable for bigger rooms. You can place it vertically or horizontally, it features stereo sound and three custom-designed drivers. Just like with all Sonos Play speakers, you can add more of them and create a surround sound experience. The most awesome thing- in every room you can play different music at the same time.

Black Sonos Play 5 on a wooden shelf

Play 5

We’ve come to the last one- Play 5. Like you probably suggested, this is the biggest one. It uses six state-of-the-art digital amplifiers coupled with six speaker drivers. Not to forget three mighty woofers and touch control panel. The last thing to mention, all three models come in either black or white.

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