SONO is the device all of us who live or work in noisy environments have been waiting for. It was created by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich who came to the idea while working in an office in Shanghai in which the rooms had wonderfully looking glass doors that, however, were not containing sound very well.

The device has a wonderful pebble-inspired design. It fits on any glass surface and does the sound insulating job perfectly. You simply stick it to your window and the SONO senses the noise vibrations that influence the surface of the glass. With this in mind, the device generates a signal that successfully eliminates the vibrations, much like headphones with the same noise cancelling function would; just the SONO does this for the entire room. However, this is not all it does.

Noise cancelling feature of the Sono Window Noise Canceller

The advanced technology allows you to process the sounds digitally and eliminate the sounds selectively, cancelling out the ones that bother you, such as construction works, or loud dogs and leaving the ones you like, such as calming water sounds or a bird’s song.

Uses of the Sono Advanced Window Noise Cancelling System

The charging is also innovative. Along with the traditional grid-dependent recharge, the SONO can get additional energy from electromagnetic noise of the area, such as the almost ever-present Wi-Fi signals. This kind of technology is currently being developed at Nokia Research Center and it is expected to become prominent in the near future.

Effectiveness of the Sono Advanced Window Noise Cancelling System

The designer is looking for ways to solve the problem of funding at the moment so that he could take this device to commercial production. Do you think there will be sufficient demand for this kind of product? [via]

Inside of the Sono Advanced Window Noise Cancelling System

How it works - Sono Advanced Window Noise Cancelling System

Sono Advanced Window Noise Cancelling System installed in a living room of an apartment

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