Do you enjoy a cold, perfectly mixed drink? Have you ever wanted to hire your own personal bartender because your drink-mixing skills just weren’t good enough? We’re proud to present you with our new, must-have kitchen/bar appliance, the Somabar Bartender.

Designed to match the latest cool looks, this robotic bartender will provide you with all of the coolest cocktails you always wanted to create. Equipped with a Wi-Fi signal receiver, this device is directly connected with your smart phone app. While relaxing in your chair, you can create the best of cocktails with a simple touch of the screen of your smart phone. You won’t have to spend time trying to create a cocktail, and worry about it coming out wrong.

Somabar robotic bartender app

It fits perfectly into every kitchen, and it is easy to maintain. SOMA Pods, which are used to store liquor, are easily attached and removed, and can be washed in any dishwasher. Also, you can store any type of alcohol in them, and you can put them in your fridge to cool, since they are small and don’t need a lot of space. They have friction-fit seal mechanism, and will keep the taste and freshness of your liquor for a long time.

Somabar bartender

There are many advantages of having this intelligent bartender; after all, you will never have to embarrass yourself among your friends, and you will become their favorite cocktail maker. It is all simple and easy, and by preordering now, you can get some preorder bonuses, which comes for only a limited amount of time. Don’t wait any longer, get your own bartender today! watch video below

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