If you ever used a water carafe, odds are you know at least something about filters and their health benefits – but if you have no idea about what’s good and what’s lame in the filter world, go with the latest Soma Black as you one-off shot in the dark that’s guaranteed to hit jackpot. Recently revealed by the San Francisco-based designers of eco-friendly water purification systems, the limited edition Soma Black carafe is the ultimate filter with a thoroughly revamped design that promises gallons of super-tasty water anytime, anywhere.

Soma Black

Featuring a biodegradable carbon filter made from 100% natural coconut shells and a plant-based casing, Soma carafes are used to cleanse water from aesthetic chlorine and other impurities and improve water quality, taste and odor. In their latest limited water filter edition, the company used an elegant German-engineered shatter-resistant glass, BPA-free plastic cone and a stylish custom black reservoir (six 8-ounce glasses of water capacity-wise) to keep your water pure and fresh when you need it most. The plant-based filter can purify at least 40 gallons of water and fresh filters will be delivered on a 60-day basis so you need not worry about additional costs and timely replacements.

Soma limited edition water filter

That’s not all – by purchasing your Soma Black, you will also be doing some charity work for the destitute folks in Africa and elsewhere as the company vouches to donate $15 per sold water filter to ensure safe drinking water for the suffering people in Cambodia and support other clean drinking water projects worldwide. Plus, Soma promises lots of fun gifts worth up to $1,000+ as each Black water carafe comes with a unique code that will win you a special surprise present from some of Soma’s established partners, and the list of offerings ranges from classy-looking Sole cycles and Design Within Reach chairs to SALT surfboards. Are you ready to taste some true Soma? You’d better be, because the new Black water carafe is available in only 700 pieces so we strongly recommend you place your order ASAP. [via]

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