Remember Segway and an innovative concept it was based on – ‘dynamic stabilization’? Well, this compact eco-friendly personal transportation device we are featuring could easily cause a small revolution in moving just like Segway. It is called the Solowheel, and it is really a remarkable piece of engineering. This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is designed by Inventist Inc, a company based in Camas, Washington which is known for its original and offbeat products. The company’s motto is to provide a range of innovative and interesting devices that are also “fun, exciting and different”.

The Solowheel certainly fulfils those requirements. This is a light-weight gadget, weighing at 25 pounds, that is powered by a battery and perfectly suitable for travelling around the city. The Solowheel’s battery will last between an hour and an hour and a half if you are travelling at a top speed of 12 miles per hour. It will take you about an hour to recharge the battery and for the Solowheel to be ready for another travel.


The device comes with optional training wheels since this is, after all, a bicycle of sort and you will need some practice before you start using it for longer distances. The best thing to do would be to practice along a wall or a fence. You climb the unicycle with both feet, push it off and once you gain a forward momentum it will be much easier for you to achieve balance and master the art of travelling by the Solowheel. Of course, practice makes perfect. When you become confident enough to ride it longer distances, this is a super fun, uncomplicated and stylish way to travel. watch video below

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