You are travelling and witnessing amazing things, and you decide to capture those moments. Every time, you have to stop and ask someone to take a photo of you, or you end up taking a selfie and that might become a bit embarrassing. With our new and improved Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman, everything is way easier.

Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman is an essential item, designed for the sole purpose of maximizing the photography potential, while you are away from the camera, doing whatever you like, and not thinking about the quality of the pictures. The device is set between the tripod and your attached camera. With over 15 different shooting options, choose the one that suits you the most. After adjusting the shooting mode, the camera will automatically track your movement, zoom in, rotate in a 360 degree, and all of that in an incredible range of up to 2000 feet.

Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman

The movement is tracked through a tracker you attach on your hand; the tracker is water-proof and resistant to electric shocks. The device has a 5h lasting rechargeable battery, and the tracker has a 4h one. Also, security feature is included, which it makes it easier for you to lock your camera device to a nearby object.

Soloshot 2 Robotic Cameraman

If you want to witness the future, or want to become a part of it, then you will definitely look up this incredible easy-to-carry-around device. It is the next generation Cameraman, and you can be among the first ones to have it. For a modest price of only $399.00, you can be a new owner of this must-have device. Order yours today. watch video below

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Soloshot 2

Soloshot 2 is compatible with most cameras

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