We are continuing with featuring the best camping gear there is currently on the market and the product we are about to showcase is one of those simple yet life-saving ones. It is called Solo Stove and it has been dubbed the ultimate wood burning backpacking stove. Why? Allow us to explain. Firstly, this is one of the lightest and most efficient outdoor stoves you’ll find around. Also, it is an environmentally friendly cooking device which incorporates secondary combustion for a much more efficient and cleaner burn compared to regular, compact stoves.

How does Solo Stove it work? But we describe that in detail, it is worth mentioning that the stove is made from stainless steel by using the so-called one-piece-construction procedure which means that the stove has no seams or welds. The inner parts – the firebox and floating ashpan – are also made in this way which increases the stove’s lifespan, durability and strength.


Now, for the working part. The bottom vents of Solo stove draw in air which feeds the primary combustion at the lower level of the stove. The hot air rises up to the top vents which causes the secondary combustion. As for it being called a wood burning stove, well, that is true, but Solo Stove also cooks the smoke out of the wood and it subsequently burns it. Twice! This means that the stove requires less wood than the regular ones while generating much hotter fire with minimal smoke.

If we got you interested in this wonderful little invention, we would advise that you also buy the accessories that go with Solo Stove in order to make the entire outdoor dining experience a much more relaxed and enjoyable one. There is Solo Stove Pot for making delicious cups of coffee, Solo Stove Windscreen for additional protection against the elements, Solo Stove Alcohol Burner which uses denatured alcohol to produce heat and is much safer than petroleum-based fuels, a fire starter called Swedish Fire Steel and Tinder-on-a-Rope, the most natural way to start fire in any weather.

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Solo Stove

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