Solo Stove | A Practical And Highly Efficient Camping Stove


Solo Stove is a practical and lightweight piece of camping equipment created to make your time in nature more efficient. It’s eco-friendly, very efficient and easy to use. This wood burning stove is a good choice for cooking, quickly reheating food and making coffee/tea in the morning.

Solo Stove is made from stainless steel and nichrome wire. With just 9 oz it’s extremely lightweight. The pot can fit 30 fl.oz and boil water in 8-10 minutes. To use the stove, you won’t be needing fuel, just twigs you gather along the way. This way, you don’t have to carry heavy canisters and worry about whether you’ll have enough fuel.

Solo Stove Packed And Unpacked

Stainless Steel makes the Solo Stove very durable and it weighs just 9 oz.

It takes minimal preparation to start a fire. In order to use the Solo Stove, the first thing you’ll need are dry twigs and tinder. Once you gathered those, place the stove on a ground cleared from debris.

The Inside Of Solo Stove

Solo Stove doesn’t require fuel, just dry twigs and tinder that are placed inside it.

The next thing to do is to remove the cooking ring and using dry twigs and tinder light a fire inside the stove. Put back the cooking ring on the top of the stove and you’re good to go. After you’re done using it, wait until it cools down. Just get rid of remaining ashes and pack it.

Solo Stove With Pot 900 On It

30oz of water will boil after 8-10 minutes and the flame will be strong, with little smoke.

Small vents on the stove will boost the hot oxygen inside the double wall and improve the fire’s combustion. The primary combustion happens at the bottom of the stove, thanks to the lower vents. Then, the hot air rises and the top vents cause the secondary combustion.

Image Showing How Solo Stove Works

Vents on the stove help with fire combustion. The primary combustion happens on the lower parts of the stove and the second one at the top of it.

This way, Solo Stove will create strong, long-lasting flame with less smoke. It will also provide an efficient burn using less wood than you’d normally use for an open campfire. The stove both burns the wood and cooks the smoke out of it at 2 different stages, resulting in a super potent combustion.

Solo Stove's Pot 900

Pot 900 is the most suitable for Solo Stove. It has a capacity of 30 fl.oz.

Solo Stove Lite best works with Pot 900. The stove can be placed inside this pot to ensure compact storage. Besides the Solo Stove Lite, there are also Titan and Campfire, all different in weight and size.

Purchase from Solo Stove here or on Amazon here

Check out this video to see how to use Solo Stove step by step.

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