Solight Solarpuff | Solar-Powered Lantern


Ìnspired by the principles of origami and wanting to help the people in need, Alice Min Soo Chun created a lightweight lantern. The main material this lantern uses is recyclable PET, which is durable in all sort of weather conditions. It’s environmentally-friendly and weighs only 2.3 ounces.

The Solight Solarpuff is water resistant and doesn’t need extra batteries because it’s recharged with a solar panel. With only 5 hours of sunlight and charging, the solar panel will recharge the lithium-ion battery about 80% and provide 8 hours of light.

Carrying The Solight Solarpuff

The Solight Solarpuff is very lightweight and easy to carry.

“One of the things I realized in disaster relief is that you need something that is very portable and lightweight” said Alice Min Soo Chun, after the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. That’s why besides it being lightweight, this lantern is also foldable and easy to pack. You can carry a few dozen lanterns instead of several flashlights.

The Solight Solarpuff Folded

It can be folded to be 0.25 inch thin.

This sustainable light is housed in a LED-rimmed cube that you can fold to be a 0.25 inch thin. It’s perfect for using it in places where you have limited access to electricity, like camping sites or cottages, although it’s originally designed to replace kerosene lamps and to provide off-grid lighting for more than a million people who live without electricity.

The Solight Solarpuff In Areas Without Electricity

Originally, it was designed to provide electricity in the areas where people live without it.

Amazing is the fact that you can light a room of up to 100sq for free, using renewable clean solar energy. Solarpuff allows three levels of brightness. You can press the power button once for low, two times for high. In case of emergency, press three times to flash.

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Check out this video and see how Solight Solarpuff was developed

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