Jake Phipps, the renowned British furniture and lighting designer comes with an exciting new piece of furniture. The Solid Cedar Loveseat is awesome on several levels – made from a single piece of mighty cedar, the piece is durable, strong and solid but also has all the warmth and tenderness of the cedar wood.

Solid Cedar Loveseat is a modern art sculpture and an extremely comfortable piece of furniture at the same time. The simple, rotationally symmetrical shape will bring a touch of style to any living area, indoor or outdoor, classic or modern.

Blending the durability and warmth of cedar with the high-end production and impeccable design, Solid Cedar Loveseat is by no means an ordinary piece of furniture. Take a look at the production process of Solid Cedar Loveseat below:

“It was the genteel Victorians who originally popularised the loveseat. Courting couples could whisper sweet nothings whilst remaining seated in a state of chaste restraint. Although we might laugh at such primness and exaggerated propriety, the loveseat remains a powerful symbol of love and romance. The seat’s form suggests the duality of a loving and successful partnership: fundamentally opposed, yet with complimentary principles of balance and unity. Facing in opposite directions, a couple can share a conversation, with their different perspectives providing a more complete outlook on the world around them.”

As the title suggests, the Loveseat is specifically designed for a couple, but we believe it is also comfy when your sweetheart is away.

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