You’ve grown sick of run-of-the-mill mountain bikes but you still need a cheap and easy means of transportation? Then it’s high time you checked out the Single Speed Bike by Solé Bicycles. Founded in 2009 with the seat in Venice Beach, California, Solé Bicycles set out to introduce high-performance, stylish and affordable fixed gear bicycles based on the premise that your bike “should be an extension of your life… your mobile canvas” and not just a mere mode of transportation. Today, the company is best known for its originally designed low-cost fixies constructed from high-quality components which promise lots of enjoyable rides and amazing durability and strength.

Solé single speed bikes ship almost fully assembled so fixing it up for your first ride is a piece of cake – just throw on the front tire, handle bars and seat and the bike is ready to go. The producer also included all the necessary tools and a step-by-step assembly manual in the package so you need not worry if you’re a first-timer.

Another cool feature of the Solé single speed bike is that it can be easily switched between fixed gear and single-speed bikes at any point and with no major effort thanks to their flip-flop hub. For high durability, the bike is set with a tig-welded hi-tensile steel frame and fork and KMC stainless steel chain. The Solé Riser handlebars and Solé ‘Grippy Gripmasters’ grips promise outstanding control during your ride and the Cionilli plush rivet fixed gear seat keeps you comfortable on your most-loved city cruises.

Sole fixed gear bike

Also, the Innova 700 X 25C tires, machined ‘Deep Dish’ rims and Radius front brake will make sure you stay safe and sound during your ride as they guarantee prime stopping power even when faced with unanticipated obstacles. With the gear ratio at 48:16, the bike offers smooth and fast riding experience so it’s ideal for city dwellers, commuters, or recreational cyclists. Plus, Solé bikes are built to draw attention – for example, Le Jean-Dijon comes in matte black and mustard yellow, and other bikes in the series feature similarly original color combinations so you’ll both feel great and look unique on your Solé ride. And in case the standard look is not exactly your cup of tea, Solé does custom collaborations with local artists who will make sure your bike really stands out in the crowd.

So, don’t hesitate – order your Solé today and enjoy all the amazing features of your new high-performance fixie in the years to come.

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Seat and frame of the Sole Bike

Pedals and gear of the Sole Bicycle

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