Solar-Powered Smart Jacket | By ThermalTech


Smart devices are an everyday thing now and they’re designed to make our lives easier in many ways. But what happens when you apply the ‘’smart’’ etiquette to fabrics? Some brilliant minds have joined forces to create ThermalTech – a solar-powered smart jacket. This jacket is made from special lightweight fabric that attracts and stores solar energy and then uses it to warm you up providing up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in just two minutes.

The TermalTech Smart Jacket is designed to help you maintain optimal heat even in the coldest conditions. This lightweight but sturdy winter coat collection uses embedded stainless steel mesh fabric threads to generate and deliver additional warmth when you need it the most. Besides harnessing solar power, the jacket can also absorb heat from artificial light sources so you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up freezing during a cloudy day. When the sun goes down, the fabric can also work with your body heat to maintain warmth. This jacket is designed to be warm, breathable, ultra-thin and water-repellent.

A snowboarder wearing a greyThermalTech solar powered smart jacket.

The ThermalTech jacket is made from special fabrics embedded with stainless steel mesh to absorb light energy

The TermalTech jacket has many advantages over classic winter jackets. First of all, these jackets work 25% better than other insulated jackets, without adding the bulk to your looks. You no longer have to compromise your style in order to stay warm. These jackets aren’t just light, flexible and attractive. They are also durable and they will keep you warm for many seasons thanks to the stainless steel yarn mixture fabric. All the jackets come with hoodies and headphones exits.

ThermalTech - The First Solar Powered Smart Jacket with features mapped out on a bright background.

The fabric used to make this jacket is energy-absorbing, lightweight and durable so this is a highly functional and good looking jacket

The Thermal Tech Smart Jacket collection comes in three different styles so you can choose one according to your preferences or activities. The street style is the most fashionable and comes in dark blue and green. If you’re more into casual wear, you can go for the Explorer option available in light blue and red. And finally, if you’re very much into outdoor activities during the winter and you want something a bit more manly, you might like the Extreme jacket that comes in black or grey.

A man and a woman in the mountain wearing ThermalTech - The First Solar Powered Smart Jackets.

The ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jacket can release up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in just two minutes to warm you up when you need it

Check out the video below for more information:

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