Robotic devices rushed into our lives like a hurricane in a relatively short period of time, and this fact has many advantages. Some of them have become so important that we cannot imagine our lives without them, but there are also the ones which are so awesome that we just want them so badly. The Solar-Breeze solar pool cleaner is a product that is just beckoning us, because it is economical, innovative, practical, and amazingly useful.

Essentially, it is a robotic pool cleaner that is powered by the sun and it skims leaves, dust, organic material, bacteria, pollen and debris from the surface of your swimming pool. The Solar-Breeze is also a chemical dispenser; it holds and distributes chlorine to your pool. This eco-friendly pool bot is solar powered, which means that you can forget about cords and electrical connections, and save much money in energy costs. You can just leave it working during a sunny day, and the internal rechargeable solar batteries will be charged enough for it to keep cleaning the pool for several hours after sunset. This automatic pool cleaner removes up to 95% of debris piled on the surface, so your pool will be ready for swimming at any time.

Solar powered pool cleaner

If you have a pool that gets dirty whenever the wind blows and you are sick of struggling with the debris on the surface, power cords of some electrical pool skimmer, and the chemicals, you should consider getting the Solar-Breeze, because it will easily win this fight for you. watch video below

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Solar pool cleaner

Solar pool cleaner

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