Because solar energy plants are being used more and more these days, it’s no wonder that advancements are being made every day to incorporate them in our everyday lives but on a much smaller scale. Which is why Yolk, a solar charger developer has created the world’s thinnest solar charger ever called Solar Paper.

Its name let’s us know just how thin this solar charger is. Solar Paper is only 1.5 mm thick, 90 mm wide and 190 mm long, which allows you to put it in an actual notebook and carry it around without hassle.

How Effective is the Solar Paper

Solar Paper dimensions

The Solar Paper is so thin (1.5 mm), you can keep it in your notebook

Solar Paper is definitely worth looking into because it can charge up your smartphone in just a couple of hours. But its use isn’t limited to smartphones only, it can charge any device that may need charging, from digital cameras, flashlights, powerbanks and even tablets. But there is a trick to charging devices which require more juice; you will need additional Solar Paper panels, which, when you think about it, isn’t that bad at all. The panels are easily connected with magnetic connectors and stay firmly in place. Need more wattage for very large devices? Not a problem, connect three, four or even five of them to create a super efficient and portable solar charger.

Who Should Use Solar Paper

Solar Paper durability

The Solar Paper is very durable and waterproof, which makes it even better for outdoorsy types

We would recommend it to everyone really, but the obvious benefits are for people who spend a lot of time outdoors: campers, photographers and generally all people who frequently enjoy outdoor activities and need a power source for their devices. Solar Paper can be mounted on your backpack so you can move around and still charge your devices. It is also very durable and even waterproof which makes it even more appealing for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Solar Paper solar panels

You can hook up several Solar Paper panels together so you can increase its wattage

The Solar Panel is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter in one very successful crowd-funding campaign. There is still a lot of time left for this campaign and Yolk has gathered well over $700k and their initial goal was $50k. If you, like many others who have already pledged for this campaign, see the benefits and ingenuity of this solar charger, visit Solar Paper’s Kickstarter page here and become a supporter of using solar energy on a smaller, but equally important, scale.

Check out the Kickstarter promo video for the Solar Paper.

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