What’s the one thing you should never forget to bring along as you’re leaving home? That’s right, the key. But then, there’s other stuff you’ll probably need when you’re braving the big hostile outdoors, like a bubble gum pack or a small utility knife. Well, you can get that gum in almost any store in the world, but convenient, sharp and diminutively sized knives are not so easy to find. That’s why famous specialty blade and tool manufacturer SOG has devised a special little tool that will come in handy in any situation when you find yourself in utter need of a sufficiently sharp cutting utensil. With the small and versatile SOG Key Knife, you will be able to cut through any cord, twine, string, thread, cardboard or rope the Fates decide to throw your way now and again – and the best thing of all is that this cool blade doesn’t look like a cutting tool at all, or at least not at first glance.

SOG key knife

Created as a small keychain tool, SOG Key Knife is shaped as any regular house key but unlike 99.99% of standard door keys, this innovative utensil has a utility knife with a compact straight blade concealed right there in the key shaft.

key with a disguised knife

Innovative, reliable and functional, SOG Key Knife is a unique folding cutting tool with a 1.5-inch long drop point locking blade built from 5Cr13MoV stainless steel and coated with hard-cased black satin finish to keep the edge sharp and safe at all times. You can use this smart tiny blade for a wide range of cutting tasks – or, in case you prefer your daily carry to be as multifunctional as it gets, you can also opt for a SOG Key Knife with a nail file (this is a particularly convenient feature in case you’re one of those folks with an OCD nail picking obsession).

SOG key knife

Measuring 4 inches in total length and 2.5 inches when folded, SOG Key Knife has a Lockback mechanism to ensure maximum safety of use when sawing through thread, cardboard, wires and any other materials in need of cutting. For maximum portability and storage comfort, each SOG Key Knife has a lanyard hole that allows you to easily attach the utensil to a key ring, hook or string. Also, every SOG blade comes with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees no defects in terms of construction materials and manufacturing process.

Weighing a slight 0.7 ounces, SOG Key Knife is a perfect little utility blade to have around when going – and cutting – gets tough, so order your new miniature saw tool before you lock the doors behind you next time.

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