There is nothing worse than going camping and forgetting something important like a knife or a flashlight. Well, in order to avoid these unwanted situations SOG has made something that will make it harder to forget either of those two items. BLT21K-CP BladeLight Camp LED Fixed Knife is exactly what the name says, an excellent knife with 6 LED lights which can light up your entire campsite.

Kydex sheath

The kydex sheath is equipped with a cutting groove and a sharpener

The BladeLight series is an extremely popular one and for good reason as the already high level of utility a knife brings to outdoor activities is further increased. There are exactly six very bright LED lights used on this knife, three on each side of the blade. Together they have an output of 30 lumens  and with a AAA battery, the LED lights can shine bright for about 4 hours which is more than enough considering that this is a knife we are talking about here. As for the blade itself, it is made from 8CR13MOV stainless steel which has excellent performance and is commonly used by SOG. The blade is 11.4 cm long and 0.38 cm thick and the knife has an overall length of 23.37 cm. It has a straight edge which cuts cleanly and is very easy to sharpen.With the satin finish, this blade has an excellent appearance.

Easy to grip handle

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable slip free grip

The ergonomic handle easily fits in your hand and is made of glass reinforced nylon which makes it very durable. With the rubber over mold, the handle has a textured surface which makes it harder for the knife to slip from your hand while using it. Weighing only 121.91 g this blade will find a place in your outdoor gear. Even the sheath of this blade proves to be very useful. It is made of kydex and has a sharpener built into it along with a cutting groove and is designed not to block the LED lights while the knife is sheathed. All in all, the BladeLight is an excellent piece of versatile outdoor equipment which could be a great addition to your regular outdoor gear.

AAA battery

The AAA battery allows for 4 hours of burn time

Offering versatility and reliability, the BLT21K-CP BladeLight Camp LED Fixed Knife is something every outdoor enthusiast should have as it will come in handy sooner or later. Whether for cutting or lighting up your path, this knife will get the job done. [via]

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