Throwing a party for a bunch of friends can be a mighty difficult task unless you own a 3+ room flat. The same goes for sleepovers. And even if all you want in terms of social life is to invite your buddies over for a round or two after a tedious day’s work, you have to think furniture-wise and make sure all your guests have somewhere comfy to sit other than the floor. But do not despair – with Sofista, even your modest-sized bedsit can become a favorite hangout spot for your pals because this ultra-modular sofa is made to do it all and keep things simple without claiming too much of your precious living space.

Designed by Fabrizio Simonetti with ultimate functionality in mind, Sofista modular sofa combines a three-seater couch, armchair, chaise longue and single bed all in one stylish set. Fitted with removable arm rests on each side, the Sofista three-seater easily turns into a versatile furniture set: simply pull away the arms and voila, extra seating space is there! Removing one arm rest transforms this unique modular couch into an extra chair (sizing 100x67x72 centimeters with seat height at 31 centimeters) and sliding out both arms turns the modern-looking sofa into a 135x67x72 centimeter chaise longue, providing enough seating space for two or three more people.

Sofista modular sofa

Plus, Sofista will do the trick just as easy in case you’re having a friend on for a sleepover – simply slide the set out and you have an extra 85x179x 45 centimeter bed which takes up less space than a regular fold-out sofa-bed, which can be a rather precious feature if you have no spare guest rooms in your home. When no extra seating is needed, Sofista is dead simple to revert to its original configuration as its built-in mechanism is based on sliding instead of folding out by heavy-set mechanisms.

Sofista modular sofa bed and chairs in a sofa

But that’s not all – your guests’ comfort is additionally guaranteed by the premium materials used in the Sofista construction. Made from beech wood frame slats and feet with natural finish, 235x85x72 centimeter Sofista is outfitted with ultra-light polyurethane foam pads and eco-friendly 100% recycled upholstery fabric (75% cotton, 20% acrylic, 5% other fibers) that’s both sustainable and uses no dangerous dye chemicals. This modular sofa is sold with machine-washable removable cloth clover so with regular upkeep, your couch upholstery will never look grubby or worn-out. And last but not the least, you can match the color of your Sofista upholstery with the rest of your living room as the modular set comes in eight different color patterns (beige, mélange white, mélange white/grey, mélange white/beige, light grey/dark grey, blue, dark grey and grey).

So, why compromise space for comfort? With Sofista, you can have both. Go social at your home; get Sofista.

Sofista modular sofa

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