Soccer, Baseball & Basketball: Sports the most profitable to bet on

With such an array of different sports to place a wager on given the accessibility that sportsbooks have managed to provide punters all around the world with, it perhaps does not come as a surprise to find that many continue to look for the most profitable options when making a bet.

Of course, depending on where a person is located within the world, there will likely be a preference in regards to the sport that money is placed on. For instance, users of the Arizona sports betting apps in the state will likely be continuing to look at American Football events as their main choice with the game by far the most popular within the state, whilst residents in neighboring California may be looking at baseball as the route to go down.

Despite the fact that there are a number of different sports and games that can have a bet placed on them, not all of them are as profitable as each other, with some providing a greater level of profit over time due to a number of different aspects and elements that others simply cannot provide.

Soccer is argued to be one of the most profitable sports to bet on

Although the sport’s popularity might not be that high in the United States compared to others, soccer is undisputedly the number one sport around the world in regard to the audience numbers and the number of people who participate. Indeed, the game is truly a global sport and is played in almost all corners.

The reason this game is argued to be one of the most profitable is due to the fact that there are a number of different teams within each country that continue to regularly compete, whilst there are also a number of available betting markets that would not be available for other sports, with some providing more attractive odds than others.

Additionally, the fact that there are so many different clubs that compete within the sport around the world means there are a number of fixtures that are possible to wager on, thus meaning more opportunity to turn a profit. The margin for error is greater as there are more chances of turning profit, as well.

Baseball, Hockey and Basketball can be profitable

Going based on the idea that there are a number of fixtures available that means soccer can be one of the most profitable sports to bet on, the same would then have to be said about baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

Although the MLB is widely considered to be one of the hardest sports to accurately place a bet on, the fact that each team will play a minimum of 162 games in a regular season (before any playoff games are played) means punters have a huge opportunity to turn a profit. In addition to the postseason, 2,430 total matches are played.

Basketball sees 1,230 total games each season be completed in the NBA, whilst the NCAA College Basketball game and its subsequent events such as March Madness provide fans of the sport with even more betting opportunities, whilst the NHL will see 1,312 games played in a season following the league’s recent expansion to 32 teams.

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What about the other sports?

Boxing, tennis and golf are other sports that could be considered profitable due to the number of competitors that feature and participate in the activity, as there are always a plethora of events going on all around the world.

One sport that could be argued to be one of the least profitable, though, is American Football, with the league rather limited in the number of teams that compete, as well as the fact that only a handful of games (in comparison to other sports) are played in a season. For instance, just 256 fixtures are played over the course of a campaign. Nonetheless, there are plenty of betting markets that can be chosen to utilize.

It could simply be down to what you know

Perhaps rather obvious, however the most profitable sport is going to be the one that a bettor has the most knowledge on as they will be able to make better decisions and place more informed wagers on the sport. Nonetheless, those that want a greater margin of error in order to be potentially more profitable, may want to look at soccer, baseball, basketball or ice hockey.

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