For winter sports fans, Ambition Snowskates company has a major announcement: the new and improved team series snowskates are officially in!

Ambition Team Snowskate 2014 brings to you a special line of boards distinguished by fresh design, size, shape and construction style which makes it a perfect choice for riders of all levels, professionals and amateurs alike.

Design-wise, Ambition Snowskates decided to replace the top screenprints and die-cuts in the EVA foam by full-color plastified inserts in 5 colors – gold, blue, red, orange and purple – which add a little extra glam to the board.

Snowskates by Ambition Snowskates

Also, the classic 7 Ply Canadian Maple Ambition board format has been shortened by half an inch and the tail and nose cut radiuses have been slightly upped to give a larger tip-of-the-tail area for better foot positioning, thus making the board equally solid but a lot more energetic and needing less force to pop and perform tricks, especially the impressive 3flips.

How to use snowskates

Another novelty is the new CrossLight core construction which promises the same degree of solidity, strength and resilience but is 10% lighter, helping the rider perform higher ollies and easier flip tricks and ensuring an overall better board control. In addition to that, the board bases have been treated with a plasma laser prior to epoxy resin lamination, which considerably ups the bonding strength, and the company applied an improved glue formula to the grip topsheets, top-class board finishing and the like so you don’t have to worry about the durability of your board.

All in all, the redesigned Ambition Snowskate series offers optimal performance and durability at an affordable price. Do give it a try – your new board will certainly help you take your snow-shredding skills to the next level. watch video below

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Snowskate board

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