Structured Solutions found the way to make one of the most grueling winter actions endurable. Their new product, called Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel, makes cleaning snow easier, faster and even safer.

The Wheeled Snow Shovel is perfect for large amounts of snow and it performs efficiently in all conditions. In addition, it is up to three times faster than a regular snow shovel, which means that you will need to spend far less time out in the snow. This reduction in the duration is accompanied by reduced effort that is required to clean the same amount of snow. It is even better than snow blowers and it does not require any kind of fuel or maintenance and is completely silent. Sounds great, right? Let’s see how all this is possible.

Snow Wolf | Wheeled Snow Shovel 4

It is essentially a big shovel that is aided by a big wheel. This solution is very simple, but very efficient, so it is pretty strange that we have waited for so long for this to appear. The wheel is a bit big, but this is a good thing since it easily goes over stairs or other obstacles. Moreover, it perpetuates the new technique for cleaning which requires three or even four times less stress for your back and cardio exertion. This will make cleaning snow easier, faster and safer, having in mind that you will greatly reduce the risk of strain and back injury.

Snow Wolf | Wheeled Snow Shovel 3

Still, all other advantages aside, we feel that this health benefit is the biggest advantage of the Wheeled Snow Shovel. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission snow removal injuries that include over exertion, strokes, back, muscle, joint and snow blower injuries and even heart attacks amount to 72,000 emergency room visits annually in the USA alone, so you can see how important improvement in this field is. And the Wheeled Snow Shovel outperforms all other domestic use options.

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