It seems that battling with a lack of space in your home is a never ending activity. Searching for the best storage ideas never gets old and as soon as we find something that might benefit you in this area, we are eager to write about it. This time around, we are bringing you Snow Peak’s stackable shelf and container which can be equally used indoor and outdoor.

Snow Peak has designed a storage box with a split bottom that has 44lbs (or 25 litres) of carrying space. This container also doubles as a shelf because you can stack things on it once you split it open. Its handles are made from bamboo while the stacking stoppers are made from rubber. This stacking shelf / container weighs only 7.9lbs (or 3.6kg) and its dimensions are L 20.5″ x W 12.8″ x H 8.2″ (520 x 325 x 210mm).

Snow Peak’s stacking shelf and container has several very practical features including a locking mechanism, options for stacking when opened and closed, and rubber stoppers for stacking, to name just a few. The box is made from stainless steel, and despite being a rather unusual storage idea it is nonetheless extremely practical and versatile. Thanks to its classic design and clean lines it will suit any sort of interior, and yet it is sturdy enough to be used outdoors too for stacking firewood, food or gear.

Stacking shelf and container

Gardening stacking shelves and containers

Snow Peak stacking shelf and container

Features of the Snow Peak stacking shelf and container

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