SNOGO | Bicycle Style Skiing

from $1300

For all snow-sports enthusiasts out there, there’s a new way to enjoy the trails. SNOGO combines skiing with mountain biking to give you new exciting experiences.

With its 3-blade platform, it will give you a stable and reliable ride. The skis are designed to perform great in any snow condition. You’ll have all the control while riding, without being strapped into bulky equipment. The ski bike weighs 32 lbs, and it’s very efficient. Quick Release System makes sure you can disassemble it in less than 30 seconds, so it’s easier to transport it. When disassembled, you can store it and it will take little space.

Snogo Ski Bicycle Front View

SNOGO is safe, functional, easy and exciting to ride.

The SNOGO ski bike was designed paying attention to the smallest details. Handlebars, fork, headset stomp plates, safety leash and skis are interchangeable. You can also adjust the amount of lean you need, depending on your skills. You can ride it if you’re a beginner or an expert rider.

Snogo Ski Bicycle View From The Back

SNOGO is safe to ride. There’s a safety leash, and foot grips are resistant to water freeze.

The skis have a full wood core, tip protectors and full steel edges. The frame is sealed and made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. Foot grips are resistant to water freeze, and stabilizing system (RLTAG) will give you maximum control, so you can feel safe riding SNOGO.

You can easily learn how to use it, and it’s safe, functional and exciting to ride. [via]

To learn more about SNOGO, check out this video:

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