Snöbär Chair by Yonder Magnetik

Serbian design duo Nebojsa Gornjak and Natasa Vukosavljevic have created for Yonder Magnetik a playful, comfortable, soft chair which they called Snöbär, a Swedish word for snowberry. The name is no coincidence since snowberry has very delicate plush white berries which seem to float lightly in the air thus giving a plant a soft feel.

The adjectives used to described the snowberry plant – delicate, light, soft, plush – perfectly fit the Snöbär chair. This chair is all about coziness, relaxation and relieving the stress.

corner of the white Snobar Chair by Yonder Magnetik

The designers say that the Snöbär chair is “a play of word, shapes and materials. Its construction is made out of oak, hard and resistant wood, which contrasts soft berry seating shape. Snöbär can go anywhere – from bedroom to a garden.”

Please contact Yonder Magnetik for purchase information.

Snobar chair and lamp in a room with white walls

top view of the white Snobar Chair by Yonder Magnetik

[images via Yonder Magnetik]

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