Snask Shower Beer

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We all know that a few pre-drinks are essential before hitting town for a night out. It makes you feel good, puts you in the mood, and is just generally a ritual that many people conform to. Well, if you were planning on getting your pre-drink schedule up a notch earlier, then we have the perfect beer for you. Introducing the Snask Shower Beer!

A collaboration between Snask and Pangpang Brewery, the Shower Beer is hand brewed in Hokarangen, Sweden.

Snask Shower Beer by itself and being held by someone

These beers pack a whopping 10% of alcohol in a 18cl bottle. Meant to be gulped down in three sips, they’ll get you refreshed and ready for any night out.

Designed to be used in the shower, these tiny but mighty potent pale ale beers are meant to be gulped down in three sips while you’re in the shower getting ready. Shower Beer comes in 18cl bottles, and pack a whopping 10% of alcohol. In addition to this, Shower Beer can also be used as a conditioner for your hair, and we all know that beer makes everything better.

Get it from Snask here.

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Row of Snask Shower Beer

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