Why bother with looking into a purchase of a new professional camera when you can turn your iPhone 6 or 6S into one. The SNAP! PRO case for iPhones 6 and 6S does exactly this, it changes the phone into a camera which will allow you to make amazing photos on the go. Featuring a shutter button, various lenses and changeable grips, you iPhone’s appearance will be drastically altered so that people who are into photography can have a reliable camera without having to carry around bulky camera bags and additional gear. Apart from offering these excellent photography features, the case is pretty sturdy, so your iPhone gets an increased durability level.

How Does the Entire Setup Work

SNAP! PRO usefulness

The SNAP! PRO will upgrade your entire iPhone into a professional camera

In order to make use of the SNAP! PRO you don’t need any special apps or pairing, just put it on your iPhone and you’re good to go. The design of the SNAP! PRO is all about comfort and making it easier to take shots with your phone and this is where the interchangeable grips come into play. BitPlay Inc., the company behind this iPhone case, decided to opt for interchangeable grips after realizing that using only one ergonomic grip would be good, but it would also create issues with carrying your phone in your pocket. This is why this case has an ergonomic grip for taking steady shots and a smaller one which doesn’t take as much space.

SNAP! PRO tripod

This case is even tripod compatible so that you can make great group or time-lapse shots

Depending on the circumstances, you should have a good feeling of which one you should use. A great addition to this case was the thumb rest. This is a small part of the case, but it can mean a world of difference when you want to take a steady shot. It is also removable so that you can leave it behind when you don’t need it.

Additional Features and Lens Variety

SNAP! PRO lenses

The SNAP! PRO uses 6 interchangeable lenses for specific use

The SNAP! PRO has a few other useful perks. This iPhone case has a strap hole for the strap, which is included in the purchase, so that you don’t drop your phone while making cool shots. Another great feature is its tripod compatibility. If you’re really into photography, then you probably have one lying around somewhere. Set your iPhone up on the tripod to make those amazing time-lapse shots with no hassle at all.

SNAP! PRO sample photo

This photo was taken with the assistance of the Wide Angle Lens

However, one of the most amazing things about this case is that it offers 6 lenses which can enhance the shots you take, turning your iPhone camera into a professional level one. The lenses which can be used with this case are: Wide-Angle/Macro, Fisheye, 3X Telephoto, CPL, Ultra Wide-Angle and Full-Frame Fisheye. Looking to create a cool group shot? Go with the Wide Angle or Ultra Wide angle. Need a close-up shot of something? The Macro lens is what you need. With these lenses you will be equipped with everything you need for your photos to be or the highest quality. And they are small enough to fit into your pocket so that you can interchange them whenever you want.

If you are interested into getting yourself a SNAP! PRO, then visit the Kickstarter campaign for this amazing case, because BitPlay Inc. has launches a crowdfunding campaign in order to gather the necessary funds to make this case widely available. If you’re not into photography but still recognize the potential this case has, then feel free to support the campaign in other ways, by either pledging or sharing it on social networks.

Check out the SNAP! PRO Kickstarter promo video below.

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