Have you ever wondered why your grilled steaks and sausages never really taste like those sold in good steakhouses? We’ll let you in on a little secret. Yes, the taste depends on a good marinade and dry rubs (barbecue aficionados will know what we are talking about), but there is also a gadget that steakhouses use when barbecuing to achieve that very unique taste of meat. It is called a smoker or a smoke box, and, now, thanks to Montana Grilling Gear, you can get one for your own home grill. It is called Smokerin Smoker Set.

Smokerin Smoker Set effects

With this smoker, the meat you prepare will be juicy and have that excellent smokey taste

So, why do you need a smoker? For the simple reason that the meat prepared with the help of a smoker is juicer, more tender and, well, has that excellent smokey taste. Smokerin Smoker Set is made for use on gas, charcoal and electric grills. It is made from durable 304 stainless steel and it designed with a special draft and flow through for maximum stroke. It can smoke up to 60 cubic inches of space and ensures at least an hour of slow smoking.

Smokerin Smoker practical handle

The Smokerin Smoker Set comes with a practical handle to ensure safe removal

Smokerin Smoker Set conveniently fits between the burner deflector bars of most grills and it starts smoking in under a minute. It comes with a practical handle and locking mechanism to ensure removal, refill or replacement of the smoker box. And it is so easy to use…. Get yourself some smoking chips (you can also buy them from Montana Grilling Gear), soak them in liquid (water, beer, marinade, whatever your preference) for up to 15 minutes, drain and put them in the smoker box. Tighten the lid, put the smoker on the grill and wait for a flow of smoke. When you see the flow of smoke that’s your cue to put the smoker to the top shelf of the grill and let it do its magic.

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Check out how the Smokerin Smoker Set works.

Check how to properly use the Smokerin Smoker Set.

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