Today’s piece of great news for tennis lovers is called Smash, the world’s first responsive training bracelet and wearable. Designed for tennis players of all levels, Smash combines attractive design and ultimate functionality to help you achieve best results in tennis with minimum invested effort and time.

Unobtrusive, durable and simple to use, Smash is a lightweight wristband with a companion application especially designed for tennis match analysis. The wristband is made from strong materials to endure the rigors of the tennis court and it’s fitted with a number of incredibly precise sensors that allow you to analyze your game technique and get personalized tips and recommendations on how to improve your tennis skills. “The application offers technique insight and tips to improve, based on your ability. Players want a more consistent game, so the focus is bite-sized learning and the ability to set goals. It also has a social side and tracking of achievements,” Australia-based Smash founder Rob Crowder says.

An outcome of 18 months of designing, analysis and system construction, Smash features nine-degrees of freedom sensor array with triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer which take 250 measurements per second to evaluate granular factors that exert strong influence on your game, such as the number and types of shots, racket head speed and momentum, impact point consistency, amount of spin and wrist rotation, stroke trajectory and general technique consistency. The data is then sent to a micro-controller and operating system which process the info by means of numerous algorithms and provide you with simple tips and advice as to how you can improve your game based on your tennis abilities. Easily paired with an Android or iOS device, the application creates an accurate picture of the game, allowing the player to set specific goals for themselves with the aim of making the game more motivating and rewarding. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, Smash will point to the parts of the game on which the user should focus most to take their tennis skills to the next levels and it also keeps track of tennis stats and training progress based on movement to show the improvements the player’s made over time.

Measuring 27 millimeters at its widest and 6.5 millimeters at its tallest point, Smash weighs as few as some 15 grams and it is attached to a flexible breathable band so it will cling comfortably and unobtrusively to your wrist without hindering your game even in prolonged training periods. Smash is available in here different sizes (S, M and L) and its battery provides for some 6 to 8 hours of play time. The first expected shipping date is February 2015, so order your piece before supplies run out. watch video below

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