Breathalyzers are very useful devices that can tell you how drunk you are, or your blood alcohol content. They have been around for a while now, but Russian designer Vadik Marmeladov has made Lapka BAM – A Breath Alcohol Monitor that is significantly different than other similar devices both visually and functionally.

Lapka previously released the Environment Monitor which included sensors that measured temperature, radiation, humidity and organic content of your environment. Moving on from there, they decided to create a device that would be more useful to average users. So, a breathalyzer popped to mind. However, they made it a lot more fun than they usually are.

First the looks. Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is a small, immaculate device devoid of any buttons. It looks like a little black cylinder made of diamond-ground ceramics. It is smaller than your hand so it fits perfectly.

Smartphone Breathalyzer by Lapka 6

In order to use it you simply need to put it in your hand and blow in it. The breath activates the device that measures alcohol level in your blood. The result is then sent to your smartphone where it is presented to you in the Lapka application. However, this is not done using Bluetooth as we might think, but via an inaudible sound wave. The biggest advantage of this option is the fact that it consumes far less energy, so your battery will be drained a lot less.

In addition to being practical, the device also includes fun features such as quirky tips that result from the level of your intoxication, as well as a complete change in layout – when you are drunk beyond a certain level, the gestural interface is replaced by virtual buttons for easier use.

Party mode enables you to ‘compete’ with your friends, but without unpleasant sharing using a replaceable mouthpiece, because there is no one.

This breathalyzer is very useful and modern, as well as well designed, so it might be a start of a new era for this kind of a device that is ever-present, but undeservedly neglected when it comes to progress. watch video below

Available on Android and coming soon on iOS

Smartphone Breathalyzer by Lapka

Smartphone Breathalyzer by Lapka 2

Smartphone Breathalyzer by Lapka 4

Smartphone Breathalyzer by Lapka 3

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