If you’re looking to improve your cycling experience by making it easier to arrive at your desired location, keep track of your bicycle’s location and activate an alarm for your bike, all without having to look at your phone even once, then check out SmartHalo. SmartHalo is a smart bicycle system which will let you do all of these things and more. Once mounted on your bike, it will stay there firmly thanks to its military grade locking system and the best part about it is that it fits any type of bicycle.

What’s the SmartHalo Capable Off

SmartHalo navigation

SmartHalo offers turn-by-turn navigation delivered via light signals

First and foremost, the SmartHalo is the safest bicycle navigation device yet. It uses light signals displayed on its top to warn you of approaching turns. All you have to do is input your desired destination in SmartHalo’s companion app and then put your phone away. The light signals are easily noticeable and offer turn-by-turn navigation which removes the need of having to mount your phone on the bike entirely. SmartHalo’s light signals have other uses too. They can warn of incoming calls, approaching storms and the device flashes a bright red light signal when its alarm is activated.

SmartHalo alarm

This biking smart system even has an alarm which you can deactivated with tapcode in case you lose access to your phone

The creators of this smart bicycle system have added a tapcode deactivation system for the alarm so that you can deactivate it in case your phone battery is dead and you lose access to its app. The tapcode uses 4-6 taps of varying lengths so you can easily deactivate it. The entire system uses tamper-proof screws which can only be removed with your custom key fob, so that you’re the only person capable of doing so. A simple yet very useful addition to it is the smart night light which automatically turns itself on when it gets dark outside and shuts itself down when you are not on the bike.

The App and Bicycle Metrics

SmartHalo data tracking

SmartHalo and its companion app can be a great fitness app because of all the data it can gather as soon as you start riding with it

The SmartHalo and its companion app can be used as a very efficient fitness app system. The large amount of sensors in the actual device will allow you to gather all the data and bike metrics you can possibly need (speed, burned calories, elevation are some of them). The best part about it is that you don’t need to push “start” to use these features, because SmartHalo starts tracking your progress as soon as you start pedalling. If you like to cycle to stay fit, you will love the system’s light signal which displays the distance goal and how much of it you’ve covered. All the data it collects can be viewed on your phone at a moments notice so you can improve your cycling sessions in any way you’d like.

The SmartHalo bicycle system offers quite a lot of useful features which can make your bike rides more enjoyable and easier, but the best part about it is that it’s safe to use and won’t divert too much of your attention like a big screen mounted on your handlebars would. In case you like this device, you can pre-order one for yourself on Kickstarter, where its creators have launched a very successful crowd-funding campaign.

Take a look at SmartHalo’s Kickstarter promo video.

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