Smart Rope | Skipping Rope with Integrated LED Lights and Accompanying App


Working out has never been so easy or so practical. If you want to know exactly how much you progressed during your trainings, now there is a way to have the info right in front of your eyes – literally. Smart Rope has integrated LED lights that will tell you everything you need to know in real time, in mid-air.

You probably already know that jumping over a rope is one of the best cardio exercises, and the pro is that you can pretty much do it wherever and whenever. Smart Rope uses innovative technology to show you your burnt calories, jump count, and get interval training recommendations – all that while you’re jumping.

A woman using Smart Gym app and Smart Rope

The accompanying app makes your fitness training complete, allowing you to track the progress on your smartphone.

It features 23 LEDs that show four digits – they fire at different times, making it look like a single display right in front of you. It is made to stand at a 45-degree angle, making it the most natural fit in your hands. In addition, it’s the first product that can sync with Smart Gym mobile app, allowing you to track your progress from your smartphone (both iPhone and Android platforms).

Smart Rope is available in three different handle colors (Chrome, Gold, and Black) and you can also choose a Soft Grip that comes in five colors: Orange, Blue, Gray, Pink, and Neutral. The perfect fit for your hands, with the perfect functionality, it’s also usable without a smartphone – as a standalone device. You can make your exercises much more interesting and always know how you’re doing on your monthly plan.

Get it from Amazon here.

A hand holding Smart Rope

Use it as a standalone device or with the app – whichever you prefer.

Smart Rope

This is definitely the right choice for exercising, especially because its handles stand in the most natural, 45-degree angle. Enjoy!

Watch the video from the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign

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