With pleasant weather, we can finally do our favorite outdoor activities. And there is not a person in the world that doesn’t enjoy barbecues. There are a lot of BBQ equipment out there to make your food taste better and to make your BBQ experience memorable. However, if you are using a propane powered BBQ, your experience can be cut short if you realize that it is about to get used up. Luckily for those of us us who can’t reliably deduce whether there is enough propane in the tank by lifting it, there is the Smart GasWatch. This awesome gadget allows you to safely and accurately measure the propane level in your tank and send the info to your smart device via its companion app.

Smart GasWatch Ring

Simply place the gas tank on the Smart GasWatch Ring to set it up

The Smart GasWatch is essentially a tank scale on which you place your propane tank in order to always keep track of the level of propane. After placing the tank on the GasWatch Ring, enable the Bluetooth connection on your phone and the app will give you an insight into the gas level. It also boasts a couple of other useful features. Along with showing you the gas level, it can also display the average cooking time you have left, as well as set alarms so you never forget to turn the tank off. It can also notify you when the gas level is low so you can replace it before you start your BBQ. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Smart GasWatch companion app

The companion app lets you know the average cooking time and propane level

This product works with 20 lbs gas tanks from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. It is safe to use as it does not require any connections to the tank so there is no risk of gas leaks. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself with using it only for BBQs, because you can use it with every appliance that requires a propane tank such as space heaters and smokers.

Smart GasWatch ease of use

The Smart GasWatch app offers timers and alarms which can help you with your BBQ

This nifty device is currently available through a crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo and you can get one Smart GasWatch for $35. This is, of course, the basic package and there are other ones which include more app features and increase the number of GasWatches you receive; perfect if you want to gift it to someone who has trouble keeping track of the level of propane when barbecuing. watch video below

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