We are quite proud of the fact that we have given our cyclist readers quite a few ingenious ideas about how to protect their bicycles from being stolen, as well as which equipment to buy in order to make their cycling experience a more enjoyable one. Well, continuing in that fashion, we are featuring another interesting product that has been unveiled at this year’s CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas – the  GPS-enabled pedal designed by the French start-up company The Connected Cycle.

Smart bike pedal at the CES 2015

Bicycle theft must be every cyclist’s worst nightmare and considering that only 5% of stolen bicycles are found and returned to their owners, securing your bike becomes an even more pressing issue. The Connected Cycle pedal will help you greatly with this and certainly give you a piece of mind. Thanks to this pedal, the owner is continuously notified of the bike’s whereabouts. Not only that, the pedal also records distance, speed, incline and calories burned during cycling. The statistical data that is collated via the pedal is then sent to the Connected Cycle app which the users can then download on their smartphones.

Smart Bike pedal smartphone app

Anti -theft bike pedal

The Connected Cycle pedal can be used anywhere in the world since it generates its own energy and uses its own Internet connection. You don’t need to charge a battery or even have your smartphone with you on your cycling trips. Believe it not, it takes only couple of minutes to install it and you really don’t need any technical skills to do that. The pedal can be removed using the coded key which only the owner has. It comes in a stylish aluminum casing. [via]

Anti -theft bike pedal smartphone app

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