Small Living Room Designs: 6 Tips To Maximize Living Room Space

Smart design is all about understanding the objective and matching it with your design choices. When it comes to small living room designs, a smart design can even allow a small room to feel spacious and give a feeling of abundance to the people living in it.

Along with aesthetics, a smartly designed living room should be functional and offer ample storage space for all your belongings as well. It should also provide a space to work from home, entertain guests, watch TV and relax with family and friends.

This article will discuss some smart tips to help you maximize your living room space without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Understand the shape of your room

The shape of your room is very important when it comes to designing the space to make it most efficient. There are a few different shapes that you can have for your living room, including rectangular, square, or circular.

Understanding how your room is laid out can help guide your design choices in terms of furniture, decorative items, and placements. For instance, a long and narrow rectangular room will usually require long and spacious furniture placed along the wall while a square room will usually require smaller furniture that can be dotted around the room.

Choose the right furniture

The best way to make a room feel spacious is to choose the right furniture. It’s important to keep in mind that some spaces are more suited for certain furniture selections.

When it comes to small living rooms, multi-functional furniture is the answer to the woes of compact spaces. A sofa that rolls out and becomes a bed, a stool that acts as a seat, a footrest, and allows for storage, a pull-down desk or table, etc. are some of the popular choices in this category. Such modern furniture from the right place can deliver the exact functional smartness and aesthetics that can allow you to make the most of your space.

Utilize the vertical space

You have limited horizontal floor space in a small room. Therefore, utilizing the vertical space is a great idea. When choosing the lighting for your living room, skip the traditional table lamps and floor lamps and go for mounted lights. This choice will help you make your room look clutter-free and modern.

When you choosing art pieces, you can also use vertical space to hang them from the ceiling or prettify the walls. Another great use for vertical space is smart storage, instead of buying and giving floor space to storage furniture, wall-mount them to save space.

Use some space-enhancing tricks

When choosing curtains, go for a long ceiling to floor style. This is a design trick that is tried and tested over many designs. While choosing the color, try matching the wall color to the curtains so it creates a color harmony that won’t distract the viewer.

Further, try choosing large or long rugs in a small room. These can help you bring all the elements of the room together. It will also give a subtle yet well-rounded refinement to the overall appeal of your living room.

Use the perimeter of the room and merge it with the furniture to establish a sense of openness. A wall of windows is so inviting. The light will make the space feel larger and it will help to brighten up your whole house. A good time to install one is during the winter, as it will provide natural heat and look beautiful with snow on the ground outside.

Be mindful of furniture placements

Some people have a lot of space that is not being used. One way to optimize this space is by moving furniture around. Avoid placing furniture against walls, otherwise, you will form dark corners which will make the room feel much smaller than it actually is.

The living room can be optimized by arranging the furniture more efficiently. For example, the couch can be pushed against a wall to leave an open space in the middle for a coffee table or TV stand, allowing more seating and movement through the room. This also leaves more space on one side of the room to create an area where someone can watch TV while others are conversing with them on the other side.

Bottom Line

You can use the space in your room to create a more livable, functional, and comfortable living room. Following the above tips can allow you to open up opportunities for people who have little space to make their homes look bigger and more inviting.

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