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Using multiple displays with your desktop computer allows you to multitask much easier which makes this platform unbeatable in terms of visibility. However, most businessmen require portability from their computer, which is where a laptop dominates. If there was only a way to combine these two features, working on such a platform would allow for limitless options. And there is. It’s called the Sliden’joy and it allows you to double or even triple the display of your laptop. This allows you to multitask with ease on a much more visible display setup without sacrificing portability, and not to mention the access you gain to a full panoramic view of your desktop.

Sliden’joy Variants

Sliden'joy variants

Sliden’joy is available for 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptops

Sliden’joy is available in three different sizes (13″, 15″ and 17″) so that every laptop user can make use of its immense potential. Apart from being available in these sizes, the Sliden’joy also comes in a Single and Twins setup, so you can add one or two displays. The benefits of each of these is something which depends solely on the type of work you have to perform daily, but, just to make sure that you have all the benefits of this amazing piece of tech, we suggest the Twins option, because, if anything, it looks slightly cooler.

How Does it Work

Sliden'joy multitasking

This nifty device will increase the multitasking capabilities of you laptop

The Sliden’joy operates in a simple, yet effective way. Equipped with powerful magnets, the Sliden’joy can be effortlessly attached on your laptop without disrupting the quality and clarity of the content shown. Both the Single and Twins setup come with aluminum hinges which will let you move them 180° so you can show whatever you need to everyone around you. Need to do a presentation at work, and you’d like for everybody to see it clearly? Sliden’joy takes care of this in more than one way. As it uses a USB cable to operate, you can detach the whole thing and place it farther away from your laptop and in turn enhance the viewing pleasure for your co-workers.

Sliden'joy convenience

Sliden’joy can be used farther away from the laptop so you can do presentations

Sliden’joy works well with all laptops, regardless of the brand, which is an excellent thing. It would be a great shame if it were limited to only certain OS or laptop manufacturers. Sliden’joy is one of very few devices which effectively unifies the benefits of both a laptop and a standard desktop PC.

Check out a video presentation of the Sliden’joy.

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