Have you heard of “transient living patterns” or “transient dwelling”? If you live in a place only a brief time or staying somewhere a short period, than you have engaged in transient living and have become a transient dweller. Melbourne-based design studio Sibling Nation, founded by eight young architects and University of Melbourne alumni, created Sleeping Pods, specially designed for you nomads out there who don’t stay in one place for too long, city dwellers working from home, children who need their own space, or even as an emergency shelter.

The Sleeping Pods are an example of a temporary collective habitation. They are actually living & working dens, made of plywood, connected by large steel threads, divided into sections, and are easy to dismantle and later reassemble. The pods have several openings to let the light in, and enough space for a double bed, books, clothes, shoes, and other personal items.

Interior view of the Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation

The Sibling Nation designers – Qianyi Lim and Jonathan Brener – have each designed a pod, as a reflection of their personalities. Lim’s pod is more extroverted, with the platforms surrounding the den, and providing the glimpse into the exterior, while Brener’s pod is introspective, with two plywood walls shielding the view. One pod has built-in furniture inside and other outside. The two architects have even temporarily lived in the Pods to test interacting, cooperating, and working together while sharing the same space. “We try to always include an element of social interaction in our projects. We only needed a small section for our office so we used the rest of the space to create rooms within a room”, says one of Sibling Nation’s designers Jane Caught.

Sibling Nation also made a short film called ‘The Encounterculture’, which was showcased at the Sydney Architecture Festival, detailing their views of how participation generally works in design and particularly in their studio.

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Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation

Shelving space on the Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation

Exterior design of the Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation

Interior design of the Sleeping Pods by Sibling Nation

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