Sleeping Around: Pop-Up Hotel Made from Shipping Containers

With Sleeping Around Hotel you can enjoy the comfort of a hotel accommodation anywhere. Do you like a remote natural heaven, or do you enjoy the view of a waterfall? Is it not possible to build a solid permanent construction on the place where you would like to spend time, such as a river bank or a dangerous cliff? Sleeping Around Pop-Up Hotel is the best solution. It is a perfect compromise that enables you to choose a location that you like allowing you to have access to all your comforts there.

Sleeping Around Hotel is comprised of six redesigned shipping containers from the middle of the previous century. Four of them are used as hotel rooms, one is a sauna and the last one is a lounge area. Each of the rooms is equipped with one floating bed, large enough shower, iPod docking station and, of course, air conditioning system that can be invaluable on some of the locations that become available with this kind of portable accommodation.

The hotel’s first location was the bank of the Scheldt in Antwerp, where it was produced, but its nomadic function has started. Current location of the hotel can be seen on their website, but you can also present your ideas for future locations there. So if you like the idea, gather some friends and choose your favorite spot for the new location of the Pop-Up Hotel. It takes only five hours to set it up.

Scenery with a table and wine glass in the foreground

Exterior view of a shipping container hotel

Sleeping Around Hotel bed and lights in the bedroom

Interior is designed primarily for functionality, but the designers have succeeded in making it appealing as well.
bed and a nighstand in the Sleeping Around hotel room

Sleeping Around Pop up Hotel Bathroom and Shower

Sleeping Around Pop up Hotel Dining Room

Sleeping Around Pop up Hotel Exterior

Sleeping Around Pop up Hotel Exterior view in the evening

[images via Sleeping Around]

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