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If you’re in the art business and you do graphics or drawings, you’re probably aware that the digital media is taking over. If you want to keep up with those modern trends, a smart device that comes very handy for this business is the Slate – smart drawing pad developed by a French starter company iskn (also known as iSketchnote). This cool gadget allows you to do your sketches and drawings by hand, using your favorite pen, and whatever you draw will automatically appear on your tablet or phone screen.

The Slate technology uses a magnetic ring that you attach to your pen and when you use your drawing board and the Imagink app is on, your sketch will be instantly transferred to the screen. Then you can use all the benefits of modern digital technology to do the final editing and adjustments on the app interface. This drawing board along with the app that comes with it makes it easy to transfer your creations to the software of your choice.

A tablet and The Slate - Smart Drawing Pad with two pens, on a white background.

The Slate represents a smart drawing board that allows you to instantly digitize your drawings thanks to the app that comes with it

With the Slate, there’s no more struggling to transfer your drawings from a sheet of paper to digital media. All you need to do is attach a piece of paper to the board, slip a small ring to your favorite pencil or pen and draw whatever you want. You can also use the paper and pen that are included with this cool gadget. This drawing board is very compact and convenient so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

The Slate - Smart Drawing Pad with a notebook and a pen and the pen case on the right, on a white background.

All you need to do is simply put any piece of paper or notebook on the pad, slide the magnetic ring onto the pen and start drawing

The Slate smart drawing board connects with your phone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy to your iPad or computer and even if your device isn’t turned on, the data will be automatically synced and instantly saved later. This smart and light drawing board features an interactive rubber surface that acts as a sensor matrix and it comes with a protective case and three grips. The Ring will make any pen or pencil compatible with the board and gives it digital power. You can use this product for all creative activities, including writing, designing and drawing. watch video below

The Slate - Smart Drawing Pad, tilted, on a white background, and a pen above it.

The Slate drawing pad transfers your drawings instantly to your computer or phone screen and then you can add finishing details digitally

The Slate - Smart Drawing Pad in the protective case with a pen and the ring add-on on the left, on a white background.

The Slate comes with optional protective casing but what’s really important is the magnetic ring that makes any pen or pencil compatible with the board

Check out the video below for a close look:

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