Plants have been known to make almost any interior seem alive and more beautiful and Sky Planter makes it possible to have plants even in very small indoor places. In addition, it will clean the air in your house and improve your physical and mental health.

The Sky Planter provides you with plants in your room but without taking up any space due to the fact that it uses the least used part of any room – the ceiling. The question on everyone’s mind is how this thing actually keeps the soil, water and the plant itself inside and prevents them falling out. The answer is a simple, yet ingenious locking disc that, in combination with the mesh collar, keeps everything in place.

Sky Planter

Moreover, this kind of a setup prevents loss of water through evaporation and drainage. The Sky Planter includes a built-in reservoir that feeds the right amount of water to the plant’s roots. This system also eliminates drainage which makes this solution even cleaner than traditional way of keeping plants.

Even though all this might seem complicated, it is really pretty simple. The Sky Planter uses ready-grown plants that are fed inside the traditional way. Then they are locked in place using a simple procedure shown in the video below and simply turned upside-down.

This stunning conversation starter can be yours for a variety of prices depending on the size and ranging from $15 to $60.

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Upside down plants

Sky Planter

Watering the sky planter

Sky Planter system for plants and flowers

Sky Planter by Boskke

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