Skully is a company located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. They are relatively new to the motorcycle helmet market, since they were founded in 2013, but they are among the first helmet producers that started using advanced Augmented Reality technology for head protection.

The first Skully motorcycle helmet is named AR-1. It is a really ambitious project, because this helmet features many interesting things, such as a visual GPS system, rearview mirror, audio player, voice-activated controls and Synapset’s Heads-Up Display (HUD). These features make this all-in-one safety helmet really innovative.

Even though it might sound very strange and look like all of these perks can confuse a driver and get him into a dangerous situation, it actually improves his awareness and safety, while he stays focused on the road at any given moment.

For example, the HUD shows you the navigation and blind spot data, the 180 degree rear view camera feeds the video to the HUD and you will be aware of anything that is going on behind you.

Skully motorcycle in helmet feature with rear view camera

There is an awesome thing about the GPS mapping. Especially the adventurists will love it. Namely, if you do not want to plan your route, you can just drive aimlessly and Skully will show you the way back whenever you want it to.

In helmet mapping feature on a motorcycle helmet

The helmet can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or internet. This will allow you to use voice controls, with which you can control the interface. You can even send texts, change songs, make calls or change your destination handsfree.

These innovations are not the only good things about the AR-1. It would have been great even as a common helmet, because it has a lightweight and aerodynamic shell, the 3D laser-cut foam that fits your head superbly, the flow-through ventilation can be fully adjusted, the face shield is fog, scratch and glare resistant and chin strap and visor can be released very quickly.

If you enjoy riding a bike, a helmet is a must, but if you want some extra-safety and protection, you definitely should consider getting the Skully AR-1, because it has everything you need and even more. [via] watch video below

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Skully motorcycle helmet

Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet

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