If you like your drink with a twist, a macabre twist that is, put a skull-shaped ice cube or two in it. A San Francisco-based design company Gamago has designed a two-part skull ice cube mold which is a cross between Skeletor and the famous Mitchell-Hedges skull. Under the motto “chill your ice to the bone”, the designers came up with this eye-catching solution for chilling whiskey or other drinks. Just fill the skull mold with water through a small hole at the top, put it in a freezer and remove the ice cube by separating the two parts of the mold.

Skull Ice Cube Mold 4

The skull ice cube mold is ideal for Halloween (put a few in a punch bowl), a fierce party or as a great gift for recreational drinkers. Another interesting feature of this skull-shaped mold is that ice cubes won’t melt as quickly as regular ones, or you can even use it for chilled desserts and snacks. The mold’s dimensions are 3.2 x 3 x 2.5 inches, and it is made from silicone for easy removal of ice.

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Skull Ice Cube Mold 3

Skull Ice Cube Mold 2

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