Skull Gas Fireplace Logs


A fireplace is awesome; there is just an attraction that the human mind has to fire that can’t be explained. Fire is, after all, what gave us civilization and evolution. However, if you’ve got a fireplace and you’d like to spice it up a bit, and make it look like you slaughtered a horde of your enemies, why not get the Skull Gas Fireplace Logs!

Designed to make your bonfire look awesome, permanently, these Skull Logs are definitely a unique accessory.

Three different views of the Skull Gas Fireplace Logs

Each of these skulls are reinforced with steel, and are constructed out of lava granules and refractory ceramic.

These skulls are steel reinforced and are constructed out of lava granules, and heat refractory ceramic. In fact, the heat refractory ceramic is the same type that they use at NASA to test rocket engines on. This means that these skull logs can take temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit before they will melt or crumble.

Flame burning inside the mouth of Skull Gas Fireplace Log

The refractory ceramic is the same type used by NASA to test rocket engines. This means that it can withstand temperatures upwards of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to this, they are approximately the size of a real human skull at 8” long and 7” wide. They are also hand painted, and highly detailed. They are manufactured in the USA and come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Check out some of the awesome fireplaces that you can add your skull logs to here.

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