Stressing the importance of keeping your beard well-groomed is something we do very often. And how could we not when there are so many useful beard care products which are worthy of looking into. For instance, the Lithuanian Skeggox Beard Combs fall into this category because they will let you tame those stray hairs, whether they are in your moustache or beard. The Skeggox Beard Combs offer three different sized combs, each of them handmade and hand-waxed to ensure superior quality.

Materials Used to Make Skeggox Beard Combs

Skeggox Beard Combs small comb

The small Skeggox comb can easily fit into your pocket

Skeggox Beard Combs are all made from the highest quality walnut available. Now, as we are talking about beard combs here, it’s important to mention that, even though they are made from wood, they will be thin enough to penetrate your beard, yet firm and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime. This was achieved by employing a special technique of laminating, where five walnut layers are glued together, polished and waxed with natural beeswax. The end result are excellent static resistant combs which will make you want to grow out your beard even longer.

The Combs

Skeggox Beard Combs medium comb

The universal beard and moustache comb is here to help out anyone with a beard of medium length

Like we mentioned, there are three different Skeggox combs, each geared towards a specific beard or moustache type. The first one is also the smallest, and it’s geared primarily towards combing moustaches but it can be used on shorter beards. It is so small, you can fit it into your pocket and have it with you at all times, because who knows when you’ll be needing your trusty Skeggox comb. The medium sized one is geared towards medium length beards and moustaches and it’s main selling point is its universality.

Skeggox Beard Combs big beard comb

The big beard comb will make life easier for guys with long and hard to groom beards

There will be no stray hairs after this comb goes through your beard or moustache. Last but not the least, is the big beard comb, and it is geared towards very long beards, because they are the hardest to keep in order. It’s 4.4″ long and 1.15″ wide, and it will be your best friend if you’re a hardcore beard enthusiast.

The Skeggox Beard Combs are definitely worth checking out if you are thinking that your beard could be spruced up a bit, but don’t forget, combs aren’t the only thing that will help you maintain a healthy and good-looking beard, there are always great beard oils and waxes to help you out.

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