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You didn’t sleep much or well last night, the commute to work was long, the day at the office even longer and you cannot wait to hop on that train home, sit and relax. The train comes but, alas, there are no available seats. What do you do? Our advice is to get yourself Sitpack, the world’s most compact foldable seat designed by the Danish company Mono+Mono.

Believe it or not, Sitpack is so small that it can fit your pocket, bag or glove compartment. It is also ergonomic, portable, inconspicuous enough to use in public and so practical. It can be used in many situations, depending on your needs – as a foldable seat when your legs are too tired and starting to ache, when you watch your favourite sport or concert, when you are fishing, bird watching or resting from outdoor activities or when standing in lines that are just too long.

Sitpack foldable seat

Sitpack is made from polycarbonate which is a great material for this type of product since it is durable, strong, sturdy, but also light and waterproof. The packaging is made from recycled Kraft paper. Folding and unfolding Sitpack is easy and quick. You just flip the product’s sides upwards, form a seat and pull out an adjustable leg. The height of Sitpack can be adjusted to between 17 and 87 cm (regular bar stool height), while the seat can support up to 150kg.

Sitpack foldable seat by Mono+Mono

There is nothing clumsy or uncomfortable about this foldable seat. The designers say that “the clear physiological benefit when using Sitpack is balance, your core is stimulated, and your back is automatically straightened which increases blood flow and keeps you focused.” The seat is available in five colours – Pearl White, Pitch Black, Ghost Grey, Easy Blue and Grass Green. Mono+Mono have launched the project on Kickstarter and are very close to reaching their pledged goal of 450,000 DKK. watch video below

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