A research has revealed that we spend, on average, 99,117 hours at work during our lifetime. Considering this fact, furniture manufacturers have been bending over in trying to produce desks and chairs that will make those long, arduous office hours easier to bear. If they only read the newest research about how much standing while working raises your energy, improves your posture and increases your core strength, they would design a whole different set of furniture. Thankfully, an Atlanta-based company Uprite Ergo “got the memo” about this new finding and made a revolutionary new product called Sit2Stand height adjustable workstation.

Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation benefits

We usually sit while working, but standing has a lot of benefits, like improved posture and increased core strenght

Before we talk about it, we are just going to remind you or, if you didn’t know, inform you about great benefits of standing while working. In addition from the aforementioned ones – higher energy, better core strength and improved posture – there are benefits like being more engaged with your co-workers, reduced risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, burning more calories and positive psychological changes. Experts advise that your standing increments shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes.

Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation color variations

Available in two different color variants, the Sit2Stand workstation and it can be adapted to your needs and the needs of your office

Back to our fantastic standing desk… Height adjustable desks are nothing new; they have been available on the market for quite some time now. What sets Sit2Stand desk apart from its competitors is that it uses much less space, it’s more aesthetically appealing, it costs much less than the standard height adjustable desk (which can retail upwards of $2,000) and it is much more practical.

Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation material

Sit2Stand is made from durable and fully scratch resistant anodized aluminium and phenolic components

Sit2Stand has a platform base which allows it to sit on top of your existing desk. It can be easily adapted to your personal needs and the needs of your office meaning you don’t have to replace your current desktop or reconfigure your entire office setting to accommodate this workstation.

Sit2Stand is made from sturdy, durable and scratch resistant anodized aluminium and phenolic components. It is available in two color combinations – silver / white and black / black. It is sleek, elegant, attractive, and will fit nicely with most color office schemes. It also has a sliding work surface for easy note-taking.

The designers of Sit2Stand – Uprite Ergo – launched a Kickstarter campaign on August 18th. You help in getting this innovative and highly practical product to mass audiences will be greatly appreciated.

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