Simpson M30 Bandit | Post-Apocalyptic Styled Motorcycle Helmet


Anybody that has ever played the console classics such as Borderlands and the Fallout series, are probably well-acquainted with the post-apocalyptic styled worlds. Well, the closest resemblance that we could find for the Simpson M30 Bandit, is something straight out of those worlds.

Interestingly enough, the M30’s style hasn’t changed much since its invention in the 1970’s. However, it has been augmented with loads of modern tech and safety features.

Overall, this helmet is lightweight, looks awesome, and will keep your noggin intact.

Simpson M30 Bandit front view

It’s interesting to think that this is actually a design from the 1970’s. However, it still does look cool.

This helmet is actually surprisingly light when compared against different helmets. The non-Carbon version only weighs approximately 3 pounds while the Carbon version only weighs about 2.5 pounds.

The interior of the M30 Bandit is constructed out of CoolMax fabric. Essentially, CoolMax allows moisture to be wicked away from your skin while still keeping you cool. This leads to more comfort and a healthier skin.

Simpson M30 Bandit front view with the shield opened a bit

The unique free-pivot system allows you to open the face shield at any angle and it won’t move.

This helmet also features a unique free pivot system that allows the face shield to be stopped at any angle. Need a breather? Simply pop the shield a bit.

The M30 is also DOT certified and apart from looking cool, it’s fit for both amateur and professional riders.

You can purchase the M30 Bandit in two shell sizes – XS-MD and LG-XL.

Get it from Amazon here.

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Simpson M30 Bandit side view

Apart from the awesome style, this helmet is very lightweight at only 3 pounds.

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