Simple Steps on How To Cop Sneakers

Are you wondering how to start copping sneakers? It doesn’t really matter what kind you are interested in, whether it is some Supreme stuff or your regular pair of sneakers, almost all of the best deals done online are made with additional software. This means that being successful in copping shoes is much less tied with luck, than with planning, research, and implementation.

There are people on the internet who invest thousands of dollars to get those limited-edition sneakers or other Supreme stuff in quantities that, when resold, make them some serious profits. The basis for successful copping, as you might know, is a reliable proxy, multiple billing accounts, a strong and fast server, and, finally, a powerful and constantly updated sneaker bot.

You can check out an informative and detailed online blog article that goes deeper into the peculiarities of copping shoes. In contrast to the technicalities there, in this article, we will speak about the proper mindset and basic preparations needed for making the first step when copping.

Step One Is Research

Do your research properly. By research, we mean finding all the up-to-date and relevant information on copping sneakers. The industry has progressed far away from where it began – so be cautious about old or irrelevant articles and blog posts.

Copping shoes is like being an entrepreneur – you should be spending the smallest amount of resources to acquire the biggest amount of profits. When we say profit, it does not necessarily imply money – it can be your long-awaited pair of Jordan’s or becoming the GOAT in the sneaker copping industry and mentoring young players for gratitude or even cash.

A well-known fact is that approximately 75% percent of new entrepreneurs fail to survive in any market for a longer period of time. While it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend most of your time copping in order to get some Supreme or other sneakers, it does imply that the copping venue is alive and competitive.

So, your research should be aimed at:
• Understanding the vast field of shoe copping, its main parts, and players.
• Finding places where all the hot and valuable information is updated. The best and most simple way to keep in touch with all the trends is to join a discord cook group.
• Deciding your personal goals, and preferences, and evaluating how copping shoes can become a part of your life on a long-term basis.

Step Two Is Plan

When you finish gathering all the info on copping shoes the next important step is to draft an exact and doable plan. You have to answer two fundamental questions before the beginning of a successful sneaker cop. They are:

• What do you exactly want? The profile of your copping style will be different according to your needs. The person who wants to add new sneakers to his collection will have to cop differently than the one who imagines that copping will be her or his primary income.
• What kind and how many resources do you have? The two obvious ones being time and money, you should decide what kind of relationship is going to be between them. In other words, if you have some extra funds, you can invest them in an expensive sneaker bot, premium proxies and maybe join a private and paid cook group. If you have some extra time, you can spend it searching for the best quality to price ratio in the above-mentioned tools and at the same time scrolling through the vast field of information regarding copping shoes.

Step Three Is Start

When you have done research and prepared the final plan on how your personal journey in the sneaker world will look, the third and most fundamental step will be to start. You can’t even imagine how many people get interested, gather all the relevant information, and never proceed to actually start copping sneakers.

We know it’s a big decision. We know that there are risks involved. Mostly, risks regarding your money and time. But the vast majority of sneaker coppers are happily continuing reselling shoes and it doesn’t look like they will go away any time soon.

So, if you want to be a part of the hot action happening now with sneakers, don’t let the time spent preparing for copping vanish for no reason. Just do it. Even if the outcome will be different than you expected, the experience will be invaluable.


There is a saying by John Milton that luck is a residue of design. In the enterprise of copping shoes, a lot of mistakes are done by not doing the right amount of preparation. The biggest mistake is done by not stepping the final step and missing out on all the possibilities.

Like everything in the world worth doing, it is not easy. But if you know the simple steps on how to start, things become much easier in life. Including copping shoes.

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