This is a brand new design created in collaboration between Moore & Giles and barman Jim Meehan that not only exudes style, craftsmanship, status, stunning aesthetics but functionality as well. This is something that every gentleman needs in his studio, home or apartment to add style, luxury and finesse to his persona as he entertains his friends with a couple of drinks. We present to you The Sidecar, a drinks cabinet designed by Moore & Giles in collaboration with Jim Meehan.

Hand-crafted with precision, aesthetics and durability in mind, made from stained Virginia black walnut leather and wood, and reinforced with a water-jet cut aluminium frame, you can expect The Sidecar to last you for years. Designed with complete functionality as well as ease, this tabletop has been sealed to prevent stains and even has a shallow border along the sides to prevent spilling.

The Sidecar by Moore & Giles

For storing those prized bottles of 50 year old single malt whiskey two shelves accompany The Sidecar tabletop. They are padded with only the finest stained leather which doesn’t only dampen the sound but it protects the surfaces from wear and tear as you store 6 bottles on each side. The bottles are held in place by leather covered hexagonal brass handles that ensure accurate steering and an excellent grip. The low cabinet which has also been fitted with leather is perfect for storing back-up bottles or barman tools. Sporting a drawer that can be accessed from either side of the cart which can be lined to ensure that you never run out of ice makes it all more the worth it.

The Sidecar drinks cabinet by Moore & Giles

Along the wooden bar are carefully spaced brass rods that form a storage space for tumblers, pilsner, wine and cocktail glasses. The Sidecar also has precision casters that are usually utilized for concert grand pianos and also have a protective coating that makes sure that you never scratch your floor.

All in all, we believe that this is a brilliant design that ensures aesthetics, class and style which is much needed for the made gentleman in today’s day and age. watch video below

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