If you have used Shure headphones before, you surely are aware of the fact that you cannot expect anything but really good products from them. Unlike most of their assortment, Shure SRH145M is very cheap and yet it provides a great sound quality and reliability.

These headphones feature 36mm drivers and neodymium magnets that deliver amazingly deep bass and the full audio range. The frequency range goes from 25Hz up to 18kHz. The 3.5mm cable with a nickel-plated stereo mini jack comes with an inline remote, and of course there is a microphone that is compatible with any Apple iOS device, which means you can use it for making calls, as well as enjoying good music. Another awesome perk of these headphones is the comfort they provide.

Shure SRH145M

The SRH145M is ultra-lightweight and will perfectly adapt to your head. There are adjustable ear cups and padded headband that will help you greatly and you will be able to have them on for a long time without having any issues or even knowing they are there, so you or your ears will feel no fatigue at all. The design is nothing special, since as some would say they look kind of generic, but Shure surely tried to do their best with the quality of the sound and they did a great job. The SRH145 is probably created to be used at home, since it comes without a carrying case, but it is not a big deal, considering its reasonable price.

Shure SRH145M is definitely an affordable headphone set that sounds far more expensive than it really is and because of the accurate tonal balance, with it you will enjoy and hear any song just like it was meant to be heard.

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