Shure is the renowned American company that’s been producing audio-electronics for almost a century, and their products’ quality is unquestionable. Shure’s newest product are the sound isolating headphones named the SE846.

The first thing someone notices is probably the price. Namely, the price of $999 for in-ear headphones is surely not common and there are only a few models as expensive as the SE846.  Let’s see why.

Their design is sophisticated and absolutely marvelous. The stock earphone tips are made of foam that expands in your inner ear cup, so they perfectly adapt to your ear. Besides these, stock tips made of silicone and rubber in several sizes are included in the safe and stylish metal casing as well, so you can pick the ones you prefer. Additionally, they are delivered with a keychain, which you can use to carry backup tips, a placement cable and an inline analog volume control. Two cables with different lengths of 116 cm and 162 cm are delivered with these lightweight headphones. Shure surely did a lot of thinking about comfort.

Shure SE846

Through the crystal-clear casing, you can see the Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers which deliver comprehensive clarity in the highs and supreme lows and this technology, along with a true subwoofer, provides outstanding sound quality. It is natural, beautiful and clear which makes the Shure SE846 very distinctive in the field of in-ear headphones. Considering they also isolate up to 37 dB of noise around you, listening to a good song with these headphones will freeze you to the bone.

All this said, it’s up to you to decide whether they’re worth buying or not, but trying them at least is a must.

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Shure SE846 in ear headphones

Shure SE846 headphone cable

Shure SE846 earphone filter

Shure SE846 earphone and accessories


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