Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter


We recently talked about the unique, crystal beer and whiskey glasses and now we have something for you that you can complete your glass collection. Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter is a classy and beautifully designed whiskey container that will fit in any house out there and it’ll definitely be a conversation starter at your parties.

If you’re a whiskey lover, you’re going to love this hand-blown container made by skilled artists who also crafted a very detailed ship inside the glass container. The wooden base is also completely handcrafted and it’s made in Kentucky by skilled carpenters.

Container captured from the angle.

All of these whiskey containers are hand-blown with a handcrafted wooden base.

The glass is 100% lead-free and it’s very thick and durable, so you don’t have to worry about your whiskey leaking out of the glass container. Glass that was used in making of these decanters is called borosilicate glass and it’s much stronger and thicker than any regular glass out there. In spite of that thickness, artists managed to create a lot of nice and small details that make this whiskey decanter very classy.

Empty container with glass of whiskey captured from the front.

It can contain up to 1150 ml of your favorite whiskey.

The liquor capacity of this whiskey container is 1150ml (39oz), so you won’t have to refill your favorite beverage too often. Whiskey, scotch or bourbon will look great in combination with the wooden base and altogether this container will be a very nice piece of decoration in your home. The ship within the container is also skillfully made of glass and it will go nicely with all colors, depending on the drink you put in.

3 different containers captured from the front.

These decanters are all made of 100% lead-free, thick and durable glass that will last for a long time.

Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter has a seal that will last forever and it’ll preserve the pure essence of your favorite whiskey and it won’t let it evaporate. If you’re not satisfied with this product you can always return it within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund. Holiday season is here and this can be a perfect gift that you can give to yourself or your whiskey-loving friend. Cheers and have a merry and jolly Holiday.

Get it from Amazon here. 

Whiskey decanter photographed in a bar.

This whiskey decanter comes with a seal that will keep your favorite whiskey from evaporating.

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